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Who We Are

An Experienced Team of Skilled Professionals

Morrow Plumbing is more than just a plumbing company; we’re a family built on the values of integrity, excellence, and dedication. With a history spanning over three decades, our founder, Mark Morrow, established this venture with a vision to provide Southern California with plumbing solutions that stand the test of time. Over the years, our team of skilled plumbers have honed their craft, ensuring that we deliver not just plumbing services but peace of mind to our customers.

Our commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability has earned us the reputation of being the go-to plumbing experts in the region. We take immense pride in our work and believe in setting the industry standard for excellence. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial project, we approach every job with the same passion and commitment that has fueled our success for more than 30 years. At Morrow Plumbing, we’re not just fixing pipes; we’re building relationships, one satisfied customer at a time.

What Our Customers Say

“If you want a plumber who is fair, reliable and knows what he is doing, I highly recommend Mark with Morrow Plumbing. He has helped me with multiple plumbing and gas issues in my house. His knowledge is excellent and his customer service is top notch.”


Lisa F. | Irvine
“Called Morrow Plumbing at 7am with a plumbing emergency. Mark, the owner took my call and was incredibly nice. Mark came right over and was able to fix my plumbing emergency immediately. I highly recommend Mark and I will definitely be using Morrow Plumbing in the future! Mark! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you.”


Corey S | Tustin

“Mark has been our plumber is for over ten years. He always does a great job for us. No matter what the problem, he has always been able to fix it.”


Carrie H. | Laguna Niguel

“Called Mark, owner of Morrow Plumbing for a quote for a new water heater, circulation pump and overflow tank. Mark was very responsive and straight forward. Made an appointment and he and his team came out the following week and installed a new Bradford & White unit for my home and I couldn’t be happier. Morrow Plumbing did a fine job and I feel confident the work was done right. If you want a professional with 30 years experience and top service, contact Morrow Plumbing.”


Curtis M. | Lake Forest


Who is Morrow Plumbing Service. Inc.?

Morrow Plumbing Service, Inc. is owned and operated by Mark Morrow. Mark has over 30 ears experience as a plumber and is a 3rd generation plumber. He is licensed, bonded and insured.

If I smell gas, should I call the gas company?

Yes, you should call the gas company. However, they will only come out and turn off the gas. It will be up to you to call a plumbing company to have the leak repaired. Once the gas is shut off a gas test will have to be performed and inspected by your respective city’s inspector. This is at least a 2 day process.

What is a video pipe inspection?

If you have a stoppage and the line appears to be broken, we need to find out where to access the area in question. We drop a camera on a fiber optic reel with a tracking device into the line. Not only can we view the inside of the line we can locate the area where the bad spot begins. This tells us where to access the drain line for repair. This is used for both outside drain lines and drain lines under the slab.

What is an electronic leak detection?

This equipment tests the domestic water system for leaks. The domestic water system is the water coming into your home from the water meter or well.

My gas water heater goes out. Do I just need it re-lit?

No, there is a reason the flame to your water heater is going out. Typically, it does not just blow out. Give us a call!

My electric water heater does not put out enough water. Do I need to replace the element?

Typically, you have 2 elements and 2 thermostats. It may be one of these components, some of these components or all of these components. We do not know until we test the electrical components of the water heater.

My toilet is sluggish when it flushes. Why?

Could be a stoppage or lime deposits in the toilet.

My toilet continually makes a noise. Why?

Either the flapper is leaking through. the flush valve is bad or the fill valve is bad.